HIV/AIDS Prevention


In the last 12 months the project had worked with 1411 High Risk Groups (Female Sex workers and Male Having Sex with Male) in Nizamabad Urban. Sneha has begun its HIV prevention project AVAHAN in 2006 with India HIV/AIDS Alliance Andhra Pradesh support, 2410 sex workers have been benefited through clinical services on STI management and counseling, referral services on HIV, ART and TB, free condom supplies, community events and CBOs. The project has been transited to APSACS Andhra Pradesh from 1-7-2010. Now APSACS is providing financial support for this project.

A cost effective means of reducing HIV spread is through the implementation of Targeted Intervention amongst person most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, such as sex workers, truck drivers, migrants, men who have sex with men and injecting drug users. Targeted Intervention with core composite (FSW and MSM) is running with Telangana State AIDS Control Society support, aligned with National AIDS Control Programme III guidelines. The goal of NACP-III is to halt and reverse the epidemic. The key strategies includes prevention, treatment, care and support.

The characteristics of clients group of sex workers is one and same in all hotspots and are comprised with agricultural and general labor, petty shop holders, auto drivers, business man of the local area, employees and students. The present scenario in FSW and MSM communities, they are aware of the intervention components and its impacts on their lives. The utilization of clinical services and safe sex practices are increasing. Behavior change among the community is visible. The project is addressing the issues of illiteracy, poverty, lack of savings, violence, exploitation, harassment that arises during the implementation. In the last 4 years, the project have undergone various phases of learning, significant expansion, scale-up of facilities and thrust on quality to ensure coverage saturation of relevant sub-populations with the appropriate programmes and interventions.

Telangana State AIDS Control Society, Hyderabad is providing Grant-in-Aid to Sneha T.I Project at Nizamabad Site of Nizamabad District, Telangana.

Components of the Project:

a) Management of STIs:

Provided essential preventive care and accessibility through counseling services, quality treatment had provided on STI services and asymptomatic treatment to decrease infections, community has taken the project link services, through static clinic, Regular Monthly Checkup (RMC) of internal examination were conducted, there were STI cases identified and treated with proper follow-up. Presumptive Treatment (PT) carried-out. Syphilis or RPR tests conducted.

b) Behavior Change Communication:

Outreach staff has provided knowledge on health seeking behaviors at hotspot level though flip books, charts, IEC material, condom demo and re-demo to the 97% of the community in one-to-one sessions. Through this activity increased knowledge skills on risk perception and risk reduction and information on services, commodities availability for safe sex practices.

c) Referrals and Linkages:

The HRGs sent for referral services at TB screening, government ICTC and non-government services throughout the year. Referred HRGs for HIV test during the year, positives were registered in Pre-ART, CD4 and on-ART for further medication. Linkages provided to PLHAs with Nizam Abhyudaya Positive Peoples Network society, Nizamabad and enabling them to improve their quality of life. Positive Prevention rollout was completed. Project could identified 53 positive HRGs registered out of them 17 are registered pre-ART and 36 on-ART. We have provided nutritious food for the positive HRG’s.

d) Community Mobilization:

Sneha initiated Community Based Organization (CBO) in different projects aiming to empower the beneficiary community towards their sustainability. These bodies are elected in a democratic procedure, members on these bodies have been provided trainings programs on management skills, capacity building, fund management and book keeping are helping them understand the mechanics of various programs, both government and non-government organization supported projects.

  • Raja Rajeshwari Mahila Sangam Female Sex Workers CBO, formed in 2008. The CBO has 610 members and actively participating in community mobilization and crises management.
  • Saraswathi Abhyudaya Sangam Men Sex have with Men CBO, formed in 2008. The CBO has 120 members in it and actively participating in community mobilization and crises management

e) Enabling Environment:

National festivals and religious festivals conducted at DICs. Committee formation has been done and members are actively participating in solving the community issues. Advocacy activities were done to create enabling environment for the HRGs at hotspot level. Linkages arranged between SC, ST and BC corporations and arranged meeting with the concerned Govt. officials.

Formed various project level committees for empowerment of high risk groups:

  • Advocacy Committee
  • Clinic Committee
  • Crisis Management Committee
  • DIC Committee
  • Project Advisory Committee

6. Condom Promotion:

Distributed free condoms throughout the year an averagely 43,068 condoms per month. Promoting social marketing on Female and male condoms. During the year we have distributed 4, 49,261 condoms.

Events conducted relevant to Targeted Intervention Project:

a) International Candle Light Memorial Day on
18-05-2014 b) Celebration of Bathukamma Festival on 24-09-2014
c) Awareness on Sex Workers Rights Day on 09-12-2014
d) World Aids Day Organized on 01-12-2014
e) International Sex Workers Rights Day organized on 03-03-2015
f) International Women’s Day organized on 08-03-2015
g) Community to Government Program organized on 26-03-2015

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