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Mentally Retarded Annual Report 2017-18
Mentally Retarded Annual Report 2017-18 2017-2018

Sneha Society for Rural Reconstruction has started Special School for the Mentally Retarded in the year 1995. Before initiation of the special school the organization has conducted survey in the Nizamabad District and noticed there are more people i.e. children and adults with mental retardation. The rural India has 6% of disabled people where the prevalence of Orthopaedically Handicapped, Visually Handicapped and Hearing-impaired ness is lowering down and there is visible growth of mental retardation, Autism and Cerebral Palsy patients in India. It may sound typical but the poverty malnutrition, conjugal marriages, drug addiction and low health awareness and many other factors are caused to mental retardation.

The organization is providing Special Education to the Mentally Retarded children in the age group of 5 to 17 years. The classification of children is done according to the chronological age, mental age and their functional abilities. The SNESOR is having classes Pre-Primary to Pre-Vocational. Total 170 children with Mental Retardation are being given Special education in this Special School for the Mental Retarded.

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi is providing Grant-in-Aid to run the Special School for M.R. at Nizamabad, Telangana

30% of the grants has to be mobilized by the NGO through donors. We are having 10 Orphan Disabled children their care has to be taken by the organization.

Total Number of Mentally Retarded are provided Day School services : 60 No’s

Total Number of Mentally Retarded are provided Hostel Facilities : 110 No’s

Total Number of Mentally Retarded are provided Special Educational services : 170 No’s

Services Provided at Special School for the Mentally Retarded:

a) Residential Care (Hostel Facility) for the Mentally Retarded Children:

Hostel Facility is provided for 65 Mentally Retarded Children. These children are provided free food, accommodation, medication and recreational services. Most of the hostellers are from Nizamabad and few of them are from Karim Nagar and Adilabad Districts.

b) Physiotherapy Services:

Physiotherapy services are provided for 48 Mentally Retarded children having physical deformities. These children are provided exercises for standing, walking, improvement of grasps and stretching exercises. Most of them are Cerebral Palsy with Mental Retardation.

c) Medical Care Services:

Medical Services are provided to all the children and also who are having fits and having general ailments. Treatment for hyper activeness is also given.

d) Speech Therapy Services:

Speech Therapy Services is provided to 102 children who are having physical deformities and cerebral palsy.

e) Yoga Services:

41 Mentally Retarded children are provided training in Yoga in various asanas where children are developing and performing asanas during various programs.

f) Music:

Training in dance and Music is given to 72 Mentally Retarded children. The children are trained and perform Dance on different occasions and have received many appreciations from Government officials and local community.

g) Providing free transportation:

115 Day Scholars are provided free transportation.

h) Distribution of stipends for day scholars:

Stipend is distributed to 115 Day Scholars.

i) Regular Parent Meetings and counseling:

Quarterly Parental Meetings are organized where we discuss about development of their children.

1. Awareness program on laws related to women: District Junior Judge attended the program
2. Celebration of Teachers Day: Celebrated on 5-9-2014. Mentally Retarded children played role of the teachers.
3. General Health Camp: Conducted on 19-09-2014 where physician, pediatrician and dentist rendered the services for 160 Mentally Retarded.
4. World Mental Health Day: Celebrated on 11-10-2014. Mr. RadhaKrishna Chauhan, Additional District Magistrate, Mr. Kiran Kumar, Additional District Magistrate, Mr. Yuvraj, Mobile Court Magistrate, Mr. Venu, Armur Magistrate attended the Meeting.
5. National Epilepsy Awareness Day: Celebrated on 18-11-2014. Dr. Vishal, Psychiatrist, created awareness on Prevention and Management of Epilepsy. Fits children are provided free treatment.
6. International Child Rights Day: Organized on 20-11-2014. All the Governing Body Members attended the program. Competitions are organized for the children in elocution and essay writing and winners are given the prizes.
7. Games and Sports for the Mentally Retarded: Conducted on 2nd December 2014. Games and Sports are organized for the Mentally Retarded Children in Running, Short Put, Skipping, Carrom and Bucketing the Ball.
8. International Day for the Disabled: Organized on 3rd December 2014, District Collector, Shri D. Roanld Rose, IAS, attended as the chief guest and distributed the prizes to our Mentally Retarded children. Those who won the prizes in the Sports and Games. Our Mentally Retarded Children performed the cultural programs.
9. International Day for the Mental Retardation: organized on 8th December 2014. Our Local MLA Shri Bigala Ganesh Gupta, Mayor Smt. Akula Sujata, attended the Program and inaugurated the Vocational Training Center for Adult Mentally Retarded. Our Mentally Retarded children performed Cultural Programs and Yoga. We distributed stipends to our Mentally Retarded Children.
10. Celebration of Supposed Christmas: We celebrated Supposed Christmas on 20-12-2014. Our Mentally Retarded children performed Drama on the Eve of Birth of Christ.
11. Greetings to the District Administration: The Mentally Retarded children greeted the District Collector Shri D. Ronald Rose, IAS, on the occasion of New Year on 1-1-2015. Our Children also greeted S. Chandrashekar Reddy, IPS, Superintendent of Police, Smt. Akula Sujata, Mayor, and Nizamabad Municipal Corporation.
12. Celebration of Autism Awareness Day: We Celebrated Autism Day on 2nd April 2015. Dr. Vishal, Psychiatrist, explained about the Autism characteristics. Shri Dr. Rajaram, Additional Joint Collector, Dr. Bashweshwari, DM&HO, Dr. Kavitha Reddy, Governing Body Member participated in the program.
13. Organizing Swachha Bharat Program: Organized on 27th March 2015. Mentally Retarded children, staff, management and Government officials participated in the program.
14. Community participation in the Special School for the Mentally Retarded. : Local Community, philanthropist, regular donors celebrated different occasions like birthdays, Marriage Anniversaries, etc

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