WDF-Nabard Watershed Projects


Sneha Society for Rural Reconstruction has initiated 3 WDF Watersheds named as Uthnoor Watershed and Juwadi Watershed in Gandhari Mandal, Lingampalli Watershed in Sadashiva Nagar Mandal. These Watersheds are initiated in the year 2008. As a part of the project we have organized Exposure visits for the 3 Watersheds and organized Kalajatha Programs in 3 Watershed areas. As a part of this project We have formed 3 Village Watershed Development Committees namely Uthnoor, Juwadi and Lingampalli Watersheds . The village Watershed Committee consists of members nominated by the consensus of Grama Shaba. The Members represents all the Sections in the village. Women Representatives also included into the Committee. This Committee actually owns the Project and responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the project.

At present Lingampalli Watershed is in the full Implementation Phase of IV Stage and Uthnoor and Juvvadi Watersheds are in the full Implementation Phase of IV Stage. Near about 150 poor families are provided the loans under Livelihood activities. Total 4000 hectares will be covered under our 3 Watersheds. Area treatment, drainage treatment, agricultural productivity enhancement programs will be taken up in these watersheds area.

NABARD Regional Office, Hyderabad is providing Grant-in-Aid to WDF-Watersheds for Juvvadi, Lingampalli and Uthnoor Watersheds of Nizamabad District, Telangana.

Various stages under Watersheds :

  • Pre CBP Stage
  • CBP Stage
  • Preparation of Feasible Study Report
  • Full Implementation Phases I, II, III & IV

Services Provided under Watersheds:

  • Area Treatment in Farmers fields
  • Drainage treatment in the drainage area
  • Agricultural Productive Enhancement programs
  • Distribution of loans under livelihood activity
  • Development of greenery in the area.

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